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Mission of the Athletic Program

Consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church, Saint Mary’s School Interschool Athletic Program will provide an environment of spiritual growth, physical development, exemplary conduct, and sportsmanship in competitive athletic events. Loyalty to Church teachings and Catholic education, in addition to encouragement, is the core foundation of Saint Mary’s School Interschool Athletic Program. The paramount focus of Saint Mary’s School students participating in competitive athletic events will be to do all things for the glory of God.


Purpose and Goals

The Interschool Athletic program is designed to involve the entire school community: our students, parents, and faculty in the enhancement of school unity and spirit. The Interschool Athletics Program will add another dimension to the educational experience that is offered at Saint Mary’s School.

The primary goal of the Interschool Athletic Program at Saint Mary’s School, in keeping with our Mission Statement, is to provide an educational opportunity to learn and practice good conduct and sportsmanship both as a participant and a supportive spectator. Secondly, the Interschool Athletic Program will provide student athletes the opportunity to learn the basic fundamentals of a particular sport and the ability to practice them in a friendly, safe, and competitive environment.


Athletic Teams

  • Fall: Lady Ducks Volleyball
  • Fall: Co-Ed Cross-Country
  • Winter: Ducks Basketball
  • Winter: Lady Ducks Basketball
  • Spring: Co-Ed Golf
  • Spring: Co-Ed Track


Conference Memberships

All St Mary’s Ducks Athletic teams compete in the Carolina Middle School Conference (CMSC). In addition, our Ducks and Lady Ducks basketball and our Lady Ducks volleyball teams compete each year in diocesan tournaments: the Diocese of Charleston Youth Volleyball Tournament (DOCYVT) and the Diocese of Charleston Youth Basketball Tournament (DOCYBT).


School Mascot

Selected by student vote in 2005-2006, our Saint Mary’s school mascot is the Duck. Ennobled as it is by many athletic championship titles at the local and state level, our students are proud to be, “once a Duck, always a Duck.” Our school colors are blue and white, occasionally offset by gold. These are the traditional colors which represent Our Lady, as she is often pictured wearing these colors in sacred art.


Go Ducks!