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"St Mary’s ... is more than a school- it is our community and an extension of our family. Those who send their children to St Mary’s ... are choosing to stand apart; they are attempting to impress upon their children the importance, not only of education but also of surrounding yourself with others who seek a different way in this world."

-Robert and Jill Sullivan, Parents


"While no school is perfect, we feel that St Mary’s is pretty close. The faculty and staff strive hard to make it a wonderful environment for children to grow academically, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. We are blessed to have our children at St Mary’s and are honored to be able to recommend St Mary’s School to you."

-Steve and Kristen Armaly, Parents


"St Mary's gave me an excellent foundation kindergarten through 8th grade that helped me throughout high school and now college. More importantly, I gained a family that I will be able to turn to for the rest of my life."

-Alix Griffin, Salutatorian, Greenville High School Class of 2014


“We consider the opportunity to send our children to St Mary’s School as one of the greatest privileges our family has received . . . at St. Mary’s, your children and family will receive rich and enduring blessings that will have a generational impact.”

-Russel and Darst Guest, Parents


“St Mary’s graduates are way ahead of the game . . . They are consistently well prepared and equipped with a work ethic that allows them to flourish during their four years at Greenville High School”

-Mr. Gene Hinson, Honors English, Greenville High School


“St. Mary’s graduates . . . write well, think clearly, compete hard, and understand the value of being charitable. These students are confident and possess a robust enthusiasm for learning that reflects the best of the Dominican academic tradition.”

-Dr. Kevin Stanton, Assistant Headmaster, History Department Chair, St. Joseph’s Catholic School


“The time that [the coach] spends with his players is invaluable and immeasurable. Not only is he an excellent coach and teacher, but he is also a super motivator for these kids, who pushes them to always strive to do their best both on and off the court."

-Missy and Doug Marchal, Parents


"I am thankful for the blessings and even the challenges given to me at St. Mary's Catholic School. Both have formed me into a secure, confident, and well prepared eighth grader looking forward to high school and beyond."

-Olivia, Alumna